How do you remember a life well lived?  By creating a beautiful, memorable and lasting memorial to preserve your memory or that of a loved one.

Bronze Vases

These vases will further enhance that beauty, while providing you with a beautiful tribute to your loved ones.

Bronze Religious Emblems

These emblems will further enhance that beauty, while providing you with a beautiful tribute to your loved ones.

Bronze Military Emblems

These military emblems will further enhance that beauty, while providing you an opportunity to Honor your loved ones military service.

Porcelain Memorial Portraits

Remembering loved ones by having their portraits placed on their memorials allows them to live on in the minds of future generations. Memorial Portraits on porcelain represent the finest quality reproductions of your personal photographs or studio portraits. The addition of quality bronze frames add elegance and durability.

Monuments and Markers

Our granite monuments and markers as well as bronze markers will help you create a story that lasts longer than a lifetime.  You can set up a monument planning meeting with one of our Family Service Counselors where you can select each detail of the monument that you are purchasing, from the color of stone, to the hand-engraved words and designs. This custom-design process gives you the ability to personally create an ever-lasting monument that fits your vision and will create a lasting tribute.


Let one of our Family Service Counselors help you choose the right cremation urn to hold you or your loved one and keep their legacy alive. We offer a wide selection of beautiful urns in a variety of unique colors, materials and designs as part of our Catholic cremation services.  Ceramic, bronze, carved wood and even eco-friendly options are available. Both single and companion urns are offered.  Urn vaults are also available for use with in-ground cremation burials. To protect it, the urn is placed inside of the vault at the time of burial. 


Create a place of quiet reflection within our sacred grounds with a beautiful, durable memorial.  This bench can create a simple memory area in a pre-approved section of our cemeteries, or it can be a bench that actually houses the cremated remains of you and your loved ones. 

Floral Program

In recognizing your desire to commemorate your loved ones, Catholic Cemeteries offers an optional vase and floral placement program in our Mausoleums. The program allows our families to have flowers placed by the cemetery up to 4 times a year. This is a great option, especially for out of town families that want be sure that there are always flowers on the crypt or niche front.

Plant A Tree

A living memorial. Trees are natural and comforting and something that people love. They can be simple, yet incredibly powerful reminders of the person they stand for. They are not only a joy to the family of the deceased, but to everyone that passes by. Each Memorial tree will include a 5” x 8” bronze plaque. The plaque will be placed in the ground at the base of the tree with a commemorative inscription.  Families will be able to choose between an ornamental or a medium sized shade tree depending on where the tree will be planted. Please consult with our Cemetery Supervisor to ensure the proper tree is planted in the appropriate location. 

For more information on any of these wonderful programs, please call our Cemetery office at 873-6500.