Semi-Annual Bereavement Services

As we experience the pain of change, we stop to remember loved ones. Our bereavement services welcome those who are grieving to join together to remember, deepen our faith and to find support and hope during the heartache. Bear in mind these are currently on hold due to gathering restrictions.

Music & Memories

The Music and Memories service features songs that inspire us and lift our spirits, as we remember our loved ones through poems, scripture and other pieces interspersed with the reading of our loved one's name (there is a limit of three names per participant).

Candlelight Remembrance Service

The holiday season is filled with memories of times spent with those we love. When they are no longer with us, those memories become a precious gift. This spiritually uplifting service is filled with music, prayers and the healing words from the Chaplains at the Pastoral Care Department at Hospice Buffalo. Join us as we bring light to the Christmas Season.

Marianne Hubert, Director of Grief Support
[email protected]
Phone:  (716) 873-6500
Fax:  (716) 873-3247