Chapel and Garden Mausoleums

Aboveground entombment in our beautiful mausoleums continues to be a popular choice among Western New York Catholics. Each crypt chamber offers the same protection as the concrete outer container found in traditional ground burial. Both interior and exterior crypts are available. Mausoleum entombment can be quite economical compared with traditional ground burial.

The Mausoleum

  • Burial crypts are constructed of three-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete.
  • Caskets are placed in a clean, dry and ventilated space and permanently sealed.
  • Stone crypt fronts of marble or granite are held in place by bronze rosettes.
  • Memorial inscriptions are permanently placed on the crypt fronts.
  • Mausoleum entombment is protected from the weather elements.
  • Crypt prices vary according to location, level and crypt arrangement.
  • Niches for cremated remains are available in our mausoleums.

Crypt Arrangements


  • Space is eight feet in length.
  • The memorial stone front is almost three feet wide and just over two feet high.

True Companion

  • Long enough to accommodate two caskets.
  • Accommodates two caskets head to head.

Side by Side

  • Symbolic of way husband and wife marry and spend life together.
  • Each space is eight feet in length.
  • Deluxe companion memorial stone front is six feet long.

Companion Abbey

  • Similar to famous Westminster Abbey in London, England.
  • Designed for two people, with one space resting on the foundation of the building.
  • A partition between caskets is available, but not required.
  • An economical arrangement.

Family Unit

  • Accommodates four caskets head to head, one above the other.
  • An economical arrangement that allows for additional family members.

Private Family Estate Property

How will your family story be shared? How will it inspire future generations?

Consider a lasting tribute, something that reflects your family's unique lifestyle, beliefs and heritage.

Your Family Service Counselor will walk you through the process to ensure a private family estate that fulfills your vision.


Specific Guidelines designed for the express purpose of governing the activities in our cemeteries for the mutual protection and benefit of lot holders and the cemetery as a whole.

You have numerous burial options with Catholic Cemeteries.

When you and your family can make arrangements at the same time, it ensures that your family will have a final resting place together forever.