Family Is Forever

Planning ahead with Catholic Cemeteries

Life's most important moments are usually planned well in advance. You spend hours planning your wedding, educating your children and planning for retirement. It's also important you give critical thought to your burial arrangements. By making these decisions now, you ease the burden on your loved ones during what will be an emotional and stressful time.

It pays to plan

It's financially practical to plan ahead with Catholic Cemeteries. Burial arrangements made today will protect your family tomorrow, eliminating the possibility of emotional overspending.

Catholic Cemeteries offers many financing options. Your Family Service Counselor will review each option with you and help you decide which option is best for your situation. Selections may be paid for up to 60 months with a small down payment and no interest or finance charges.

What happens if you don't plan ahead?

It can be uncomfortable planning your own burial arrangements. However, it's extremely difficult to plan burial arrangements for someone you love, especially at the time of their death. Your Family Service Counselor will be there to help in your loved one's time of need, but the burden of choosing what you would have wanted will still be up to your family. By planning ahead, your family can focus on what is most important — comforting one another, praying, remembering and beginning the healing process.

Planning ahead with Catholic Cemeteries ensures your family will remain together forever.