Plot and Interment Provisions

Specific Guidelines

  1. The purchaser of a plot in Catholic Cemeteries does not acquire the property itself, but only the "right of burial".
  2. No interment will be permitted in the cemetery, or rights acquired by the purchaser, until such time that full payment has been received for the plot.
  3. The interment fee is separate and distinct from the purchase of the "Right of Burial". This fee must be paid in full prior to the interment.
  4. Grave spaces may be used for the burial of human remains only (with an allowance for pets). Normally, a maximum of one interment or two inurnments (cremated remains) is permitted in a single grave. If space permits and at the discretion of the Cemetery, a family may purchase an additional "Right of Burial" for cremated remains to be placed in a single grave where one interment or two inurnments has taken place.
  5. Since Catholic Cemeteries is a Catholic Institution, it is customary that interments are provided for Catholics. As a sign of the bonds of family unity, non-Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery alongside the Catholic members of the family.
  6. Assignment or transfer of any plot will at all times be subject to the guidelines of Catholic Cemeteries. No burial space or interest therein will be transferred or assigned without the consent of Catholic Cemeteries. A notarized statement indicating permission of the original purchaser and/or his/her heir(s) is required. A recording fee may be charged to provide this service.


  1. One approved in-ground vase or non-decorative clay or plastic pot of flowers will be permitted on each grave during the Spring/Summer season of April 1st - October 15th. The pot should not exceed 10 inches in diameter or 10 inches in height. They will not be permitted during the fall clean up period of October 16th - October 31st.
  2. Winter decorations, mounted on upright supports, will be permitted from November 1st - March 15th. They will not be permitted during the spring clean up period of March 16th - March 31st.
  3. Certain sections in the cemetery may have planting privileges. Please check with the specific cemetery office for more information.
  4. In-ground plantings are not permitted on lawn level memorial graves.
  5. Due to the possible hazards they may cause to employees and visitors, the placing of chairs, benches, toys, plastic or metal designs, ornaments, pictures, shells, chips, gravel, settees, trellises, and similar articles will not be permitted.
  6. American flags may be placed on Veterans graves, 24 hours prior to and removed within 48 hours after the following designated holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day. A family may choose to place the flag in an approved pot for the summer season as long as it is properly maintained.


  1. Graves must be paid in full before a marker or monument may be placed.
  2. The size, style and numbers of memorials will be governed according to the section of the Cemetery in which they are to be placed.
  3. In keeping with Christian ideals, a Christian character or emblem will be the main feature on all memorials. Prayers and Epitaphs of a positive nature, may be permitted with Cemetery approval, and must be of limited wording.
  4. Etchings of nature scenes must not exceed 25% of the face of the die. Etchings of the bust of an individual must not exceed 10% of the face of the die with a maximum of 80 square inches. Etchings of any other kind are limited to 4" x 4" or 16 square inches. In any case, you are entitled to just one etching of an non-religious nature.



If, in the sole discretion of the Cemetery, a grave can be utilized by the Cemetery, it may be returned under the following conditions:

  1. The grave to be returned is not marked with a family memorial or individual memorial.
  2. Any existing memorialization must be removed at the families expense.
  3. Proper notarized statements to show proof of ownership must be submitted to the Cemetery Office.
  4. If the purchaser moves his/her residence outside the geographical limits of the Diocese of Buffalo, a recording fee will be deducted from the original purchase price to determine the refund amount. If a grave is returned for any other reason, a retainage fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Hours of Operation

Under normal conditions all Diocesan Cemeteries are open for visitation each day of the year from 7am until Dusk. The main door of the mausoleums opens automatically from 7am until 6pm daily.