Crypt and Entombment Provisions

Specific Guidelines

  1. The purchaser of a crypt/niche in Catholic Cemeteries does not acquire the property itself, but only the "right of burial".
  2. No entombment/inurnment will be permitted in the mausoleum, or rights acquired by the purchaser, until such time that full payment has been received for the crypt/niche.
  3. The entombment fee and the charge for lettering on the crypt front are separate and distinct from the purchase of the "right of burial". These fees must be paid in full prior to the entombment.
  4. Crypts and niches may be used for the burial of human remains only (with an allowance for pets). Normally, a maximum of one entombment or two inurnments (cremated remains) will be permitted in a single crypt space. Where there is one entombment or two inurnments in a single crypt space and at the discretion of the Cemetery, the family may purchase an additional "Right of Burial" for cremated remains to also be placed in that crypt. Certain restrictions will apply. Only one inurnment can be placed in a single niche.
  5. Since Catholic Cemeteries is a Catholic Institution, it is customary that interments are provided for Catholics. As a sign of the bonds of family unity, non-Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery alongside the Catholic members of the family.
  6. Ground spaces in any of our cemeteries may be exchanged as partial payment on mausoleum crypts with the approval of Catholic Cemeteries. A release form for the graves exchanged must be signed by the purchaser (plot holder) and the easement (deed/title) to the ground property must be returned to the cemetery.
  7. If the ground space to be exchanged is already occupied, the exchange can take place, after the proper disinterment forms have been completed. A separate fee will be charged for the disinterment and entombment. In addition, a special cemetery approved liner must be purchased. Other expenses, not directly assessed by Catholic Cemeteries, may also be incurred at the time of transfer.
  8. Assignment or transfer of any crypt space will at all times be subject to the guidelines established by Catholic Cemeteries. No crypt or interest therein will be transferred or assigned without the consent of Catholic Cemeteries. A notarized statement indicating permission of the original purchaser and/or his/her heir(s) is required. A recording fee will be charged to provide this service.
  9. Lettering and inscription on all crypt fronts are to be uniform as determined by Catholic Cemeteries. After full payment has been received for the crypt space(s), lettering may be ordered and placed on the crypt front.

Crypt and Entombment - Decorations

  1. Potted plants, fresh cut flowers in a vase or artificial decorations may be placed on the floor in front of the crypt space of a loved one on the following holidays:
    • New Year's Day
    • Independence Day
    • Easter Sunday
    • All Soul's Day
    • Mother's Day
    • Veteran's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Father's Day
    • Christmas Day
  2. Birthdays and Anniversaries may be observed by notifying the cemetery office and receiving a tag to place on the floral arrangement identifying the special occasion. Floral arrangements may be placed three (3) days prior to and one (1) day after the holiday or special occasion, five (5) days in succession. All floral arrangements will be removed on the 2nd day after the holiday. If it is your intention to retain plants and/or vases, it is most important that you are aware of the time of their removal.
  3. In lieu of the above policy, the purchaser may opt for special vase and floral program offered by the Catholic Cemeteries. For more information, please contact the cemetery office.

Crypt and Entombment - Returns

If, in the sole discretion of the Cemetery, a crypt can be utilized by the Cemetery, it may be returned under the following conditions:

  1. The crypt to be returned is not memorialized.
  2. Any existing memorialization must be removed at the families expense.  This may include replacing the crypt front.
  3. Proper notarized statements to show proof of ownership must be submitted to the Cemetery Office.
  4. If the purchaser moves his/her residence outside the geographical limits of the Diocese of Buffalo, a recording fee will be deducted from the original purchase price to determine the refund amount. If a crypt is returned for any other reason, a retainage fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Crypt and Entombment - Mausoleum Hours

The main door of the mausoleums opens automatically from 7am until 6pm daily.
These provisions may be amended, deleted or added to, at any time for the good and proper management of our mausoleums.