Meet our Family Service Counselors


At Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo, our professional counselors are here to guide you before, during or following your time of need. They are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and answering any questions you may have. They will never make you feel pressured or rushed. Their only goal is to make sure you understand all of your options and are satisfied with your decision. Please feel free to contact one of our counselors at any time.


“I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools and had a brother who was a Catholic priest.  He passed away when he was 42, which gave me a greater appreciation for those who have lost someone.  My medical background has made me a natural caregiver, and my counseling is a direct extension of that.  I love my job, whether it is being with people at a difficult time, helping to solve a problem, or presenting information in a lighthearted way in order to ease the anxieties of funeral planning.”
Jane Mozer
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You could say that helping people runs in the family for Sarah Janusz. Sarah is following in the footsteps of her father, Jim Janusz, a recently retired Family Service Counselor for Catholic Cemeteries. Sarah is our newest Family Service Counselor but is not “new” to Catholic Cemeteries. She has worked in the office of Mt. Olivet for 14 years, working closely with families, Funeral Directors and other cemetery staff. This second generation Family Service Counselor takes a great deal of pride in her new position.

She explained how rewarding it is to help people make decisions with something as challenging as their own future burial needs or the final resting place of a loved one. “It’s something most people don’t understand,” said Sarah. “Everything I’ve done at Catholic Cemeteries has prepared me for this new challenge, and given the opportunity, I wouldn’t change a thing...”

"I truly enjoy serving in the 'Family' tradition."

Sarah Janusz
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I have worked in various roles doing Church communications for over 30 years. Some folks may have even heard me on radio stations around WNY including the local Catholic radio station with Amy & Norm from St. Luke’s. Catholic Cemeteries had been featured many times on various programs and podcasts I produced and hosted. I got to know the Family Service Counselors through some of these projects and when presented with an opportunity to join them it seemed like a good fit.

I’m fond of saying I used to get paid to talk to people for a living and that hasn’t changed. The rewarding part is that now, instead of assisting Catholic parishes and institutions, I get to work directly with our Catholic families.  Helping with decisions most people aren’t naturally comfortable talking about, often at a very difficult time. Hopefully we put them at ease and leave them with our genuine sense of concern for their family and loved one.

Gregg Prince

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Laura Baker comes to Catholic Cemeteries with over 20 years of Customer Service and a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives. As a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.A. in Psychology and Human Services, Laura is uniquely equipped to assist families with making arrangements for loved ones during the most challenging time in their lives.  She has personally overcome major losses, which gives her a passion to assist others.


Laura Baker

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John is a parishioner of St Amelia's in Tonawanda and an active member of the Holy Name Society. He credits family and the apostolate of the Holy Name, to assist parish ministries by performing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, for bringing him to work for the Catholic Church. His focus is faith, prayer, and service, which aid our ultimate return to the Father through Christ, whose resurrection gives death its true meaning.

John Sanborn

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