Catholic Cemeteries offers numerous cremation options to accompany the celebrated order of Christian funerals. The Vigil Service (wake), Funeral Liturgy and Rite of Committal in a Catholic Cemetery should still be preserved. The cremated remains may be placed (inurned) in a grave, mausoleum or columbarium niche designated for cremation.

Cremation burial options

  • Mausoleum niche space
  • Private family niche unit
  • Cremation grave package
  • Columbarium niche space


Specific Guidelines designed for the express purpose of governing the activities in our cemeteries for the mutual protection and benefit of lot holders and the cemetery as a whole.

You have numerous burial options with Catholic Cemeteries.

When you and your family can make arrangements at the same time, it ensures that your family will have a final resting place together forever.